The internet fund

The Internet fund

Since 2004, IIS have managed Internetfonden (The Internet Fund), which through financing external projects that promote the internet’s development, supports both business and personal life in Sweden, but not commercial projects. During 2014, we supported more than 40 individual projects and in all we have financed over 350 projects for a total of € 7 million since 2004.

Twice yearly we open our calls. Projects that interest us are technological development, applied research, dissemination of knowledge about the internet and its use, or otherwise develop or use the internet in an innovative way. Since 2011 several calls for applications have been made focusing on digital inclusion (Digidel) and for applications focused on open digital teaching resources (OER).

Project funding

Through open calls for proposal we select which projects to finance. The requirements and criteria are as follows for project applications. The project shall contribute to infrastructure development or use of the internet. Project results shall be freely available and delivered over the internet. The results shall produce new knowledge or have new value. Copyright shall be governed by open licenses.

Private individuals and organizations are welcome to apply for financing. To be able to make an application the applicant must have a Swedish person number or be associated with a Swedish organization number. We welcome English written projects to apply. We do not offer our application service in English but the application text can be written in English.

The Internet fund use external experts for evaluation of the proposals. Finally the formal decision is made by our CEO or board according to project size. Projects are monitored during project time and evaluated after finishing. All projects are published on our website.

A greenhouse for ideas

IIS’s investment in new ideas that benefit the internet and its use also includes the earlier project Crowdfunding, which ended in 2013 after a year of trying to stimulate crowdfunding for IT projects. The project Catalysator has been run since 2013 with support from VINNOVA with the aim to support internet entrepreneurs in early stages, by financing independent events and hosting the startup event Internet Discovery Day. The Foundation is also one of many partners who co-finances Sup46, a work and meeting place in Stockholm for entrepreneurs.


Erika Olsson